3 Creative ways to use Pumpkins at your next Event

Think Jack-O-Lanterns are your only way to show off your pumpkin creativity this fall?  Think again!  Here are three creative and simple ways to use pumpkins at your next event, whether that be a wedding, corporate party, or dinner party at home.

1. Vase for Floral Arrangements

A hollowed out pumpkin makes simple and sustainable vase for your fall arrangements. There are a variety of color schemes you can use depending on the color of your pumpkin.  Below are two different examples of the variety of colors and sizes of floral arrangements, both stunning and sophisticated.

Pumpkin Vase #1          Pumpkin Vase #2

2. Stenciled Pumpkins 

A simple way to add an elegant touch to any event is a pumpkin with cursive writing on the front.  These decorated pumpkins can be seen at a wedding with “I Do” written on the front, at a corporate party with the company’s logo, or even on someone’s doorstep with the first letter of their last name monogrammed.

Stenciled Pumpkin #2         Stenciled Pumpkin #1

3. Centerpieces

Floral arrangements aren’t the only way to use a pumpkin on a table.  Try using smaller pumpkins for centerpieces, or as an accent to your centerpiece.  Below is a perfect example of how to utilize the right variety of shapes, sizes, and colors of pumpkins to make a statement with your centerpiece.

Pumpkin Centerpiece

How else would you use pumpkins at your next event? Let us know!

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