Secrets from an event planner: 5 rules for a stress-free event

Learn how to host like a pro without breaking a sweat.  Here are 5 rules Erica lives by when hosting a big party or event.

#1: Plan Ahead

Planning a party or event shouldn’t be stressful or intimidating.  By starting early, you can plan, create and host a memorable affair with ease.  Are you notorious for procrastinating?  Enlist a friend to hold you accountable and keep you on track.  Don’t have much free time to iron out the details?  Consider hiring an event planner to help.











#2: Stay Organized

I always keep several lists that I continuously update through the planning process: a master to-do list where I highlight every task that must be accomplished including a deadline date, a supplies list for all the things I need to purchase for the event, and so on.  I recommend Google Docs (easier to edit, and you can add more than one viewer so friends can help out).  It’s also an easy way to track RSVPs.  You can also use Google Sketch Up which is a free program to make layout diagrams of your seating arrangements.

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