Wedding Guestbooks

Being consumed with all the wedding details can be stressful, but one memento that you do not want to overlook and should cherish from your wedding day is the guestbook. You can look back at your guestbook years from now to relive those happy memories. Rather than having a one book that people have to crowd around and wait to sign, here are a five other fun guestbook ideas!

1. Polaroids: Say cheese and have your guests take a photo and sign their names.



2. Monogram: Have guests sign a large monogram that you can later use as wall d├ęcor!



3. Puzzle Pieces: Have guests sign the back of an engagement photo puzzle that you are able to put together afterwards.



4. Envelopes: A traditional method with a twist- have each guest write on blank cards and place in an envelope, which you can later compile into a scrapbook! That ensures no crowds around the guestbook!



5. Jenga: A fun, creative way for guests to give you advice/leave a message that you can always look back on when you play the game



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